Coudari provides an approach that will allow us to put our future ideas into sculpture.
– F. Lanctôt, former participant

There are many sculpture courses available in bookstores or online, each with their techniques and specific approaches all presented by talented sculptors.

However, they do not explain the concepts and basics (structure, shape, volume, plane, light and thinking three-dimensionally). In my opinion, these make up most of the fundamentals of sculpture.

Many people are attracted to sculpture, but feel intimidated, thinking that it requires skills and abilities so special that only a few “chosen” ones can access.

Having this in mind, I asked myself the question: “Is it possible to develop a course that would incorporate the concepts and basic elements of sculpture and allow the neophyte to make a sculpture that he felt previously unable to do, and to also allow the more experienced sculptor to experience progress with his own materials and techniques? »

After many experiments, I designed and developed the intensive course that I am offering here.

This is the course I wish I had when I started to sculpt.

This course is unique: it is not, as often happens, a retooled or slightly transformed course offered by a school or another sculptor.

The course is taught in my studio in Montreal. It is a vast space, bright and welcoming.  We’ll be working surrounded by many sculptures, that in its self fosters exploration and learning.