Philippe Coudari sculpteur
Philippe Coudari
I also appreciated the teaching skills of Philippe Coudari as well as the generosity and guidance he offers to everyone.
– J.P. Marcoux, former participant

“I started sculpting twenty years ago.

Being self-taught, I learned a lot by studying and observing the work of great sculptors.  I sought out exhibits in many museums in Canada, the United States and Europe.

I also learned a lot by trying to answer two questions: “Why do I like this sculpture?” And “Why  do I not like this sculpture?”

I had the chance to make friends with artists who have influenced me, one of which was Dù Reng Sang, a painter and sculptor from Mongolia, who made ​​me aware of the plane.

In the early 2000’s, I made several trips to Italy where I began working in marble. My understanding of sculpture deepened through exchanges with other sculptors and craftsmen.

My work has been exhibited in several countries and has received many awards

Since 2005 I have devoted myself entirely to sculpture.

My materials are clay, stone and wax.

I am pleased, through this course, to share my passion to make sculpture accessible and to contribute to the development of others.”