This course gave me confidence in my ability to succeed in something new. Even my way of looking at things has changed.
– F. Bourquin, former participant

As a practical exercise, sculpting the head is intended to

  • Understand and learn basic concepts: structure/shape/ volume/plane/light
  • Design and build forms as a whole, think three dimensionally
  • Expand creative potential through the acquisition of new skills.

These concepts are applicable for either carving (by substraction) or modeling (by addition) a sculpture, regardless of the materials and techniques used.

In addition to the above-mentioned objectives:

For the person who wants to have the experience of sculpture

  • the pleasure of a challenge
  • the satisfaction of having created a sculpture
  • the development of a sense of observation and an artistic viewpoint

For the beginner

  • build self-confidence
  • give a solid foundation
  • develop a sense of observation
  • know and understand the proportions of a head

For the more experienced sculptor

  • build accurate shapes and volumes consistent with a three-dimensional perspective
  • better define the transitions from one volume to another
  • once acquired, these skills will enrich future techniques or those already practiced
  • future work will gain in strength, power and presence