At first I was reluctant to take this intensive course – anticipating that it would demand energy, concentration and would test my ability to follow instructions. It soon became apparent that Philippe has an innate understanding of each student’s character and how best to work with them. He knows how to put us at ease by providing precise instructions supported by insightful explanations and peppered with a great sense of humour.  He raises our power of observation. His patience knows no limits. Be prepared for multiple corrections of your work if needed. This is a necessary part of the learning process.

As others have testified the experience of transforming a block of clay into a sculpture of a human head is thrilling. He transports us from a 2D world to one filled with volume, structure, light and planes. His style of teaching encourages us to truly see what exists around us as opposed to what we want to see. A trip on the metro or a walk down the street observing our fellow citizens will never be the same.

I thank you Philippe for giving us the tools to enter a new dimension on our journey through life.