At first I was reluctant to take this intensive course – anticipating that it would demand energy, concentration and would test my ability to follow instructions. It soon became apparent that Philippe has an innate understanding of each student’s character and how best to work with them. He knows how to put us at ease by providing precise instructions supported by insightful explanations and peppered with a great sense of humour.  He raises our power of observation. His patience knows no limits. Be prepared for multiple corrections of your work if needed. This is a necessary part of the learning process.

As others have testified the experience of transforming a block of clay into a sculpture of a human head is thrilling. He transports us from a 2D world to one filled with volume, structure, light and planes. His style of teaching encourages us to truly see what exists around us as opposed to what we want to see. A trip on the metro or a walk down the street observing our fellow citizens will never be the same.

I thank you Philippe for giving us the tools to enter a new dimension on our journey through life.  

S. SOLOMONNeuroscience Lab Coordinator – Retired

While searching on the net, I came across an art course which was perfect for me.  Being 72 years old and without any training but with a great interest for art in general, I was seduced by the description of a sculpture workshop proposed by the artist-sculptor Philippe Coudari established in Verdun.

I was informed up front that this event took place over 3 consecutive days, on weekends, and, that it was not a creative workshop per se, but a theoretical and practical course aimed at transmitting his method for developing a bust from a block of clay.

But what seduced me and attracted me in an irresistible way, and that decided me to take his workshop, was the work he presented in his website. And how much more moving was the discovery of his actual sculptures whether in bronze, acrylic, or plaster, completed or in development. What wonders, among them are his sculptures: the “Crucified” and the “Genocide.” All these creations are scattered in a vast luminous space in the middle of an orgy of plants, each more exotic than the other, and where there are also spaces used by other artists, painters or sculptors.

Mr. Coudari is an exceptional teacher. First of all, he defines what a sculpture is, then, with the help of screen projected images or with the examples of  his work distributed in the workshop, he explains how the different components of a bust are articulated and how a superb face with classical characteristics will emerge from a block of inert clay.

Then begins the project during which, gradually, according to his instructions and thanks to different instruments whose use he explains to us, we cut piece by piece, him on his block of clay and us on ours, until first a skull appears and then slowly the different parts of the face.                                                                                  

Don’t worry if you are having difficulty, he has extraordinary patience and empathy, repeating when necessary, forgotten or misunderstood information or instructions and sometimes refining an unsuccessful action.

In spite of all the difficulties I experienced, and sometimes a certain discouragement, he was attentive, calm and proved to be an exceptional teacher.

One does not become an artist with this workshop. However, one will understand not only all the work that it requires, but also and especially, the moments of doubt and those of great happiness that a true artist, such as Mr. Coudari, can experience in his creative process.

Thank you

R. GAGNONRetired

Mr. Coudari showed me that the head, however complex it may be, can be carved in clay by anyone using the method he created. With him I discovered that every structure is composed on planes.    I learned how to find them, and how to transpose them onto a mass of clay, thus giving form, volume and light to a work. Philippe has never (believe me!) missed an opportunity to show me how to handle the tools and perfect my technical movements. Having now learned the basics of sculpture with Philippe Coudari, I feel able to move forward and have fun in this creative universe.


I came into this workshop with some limited experience with sculpting the human head, but Philippe was able to take me back to the basics and introduce me to the importance of working with form, volume, structure and anatomy.  This has given my work a new strength and purpose.  I will always have the head which I created in the workshop as a reminder to create with this new way of looking at sculpture.  Working with Philippe in his fabulous studio was very inspiring for me and I am so glad I took this workshop. Thank you Philippe.

L. COLEPotter and amateur sculptor, Prince Edward Island

It was a pleasure to meet you and learn your techniques for sculpting.
As a potter of functional ware, I have a need to touch and play with clay.  Sculpting is something fun to try and I found that looking at this medium using your techniques of carving and then modelling were instructional and informative. I also enjoyed your sense of humour and fun!! Coffee and lunch in your beautiful and tropical garden were wonderful!
Many thanks for the great weekend course!

C. ARSENAULTPotter and amateur sculptor, Prince Edward Island

This 3 day course helped me a lot as I am studying 3D Character Art, the Coudari Method shows you how to understand and break down the 3D space very well! I recommend it to all 3D artists and anyone who is interested in learning 3D, as this helped simplify and give you techniques you can use to know forever in your work!

S. BERNOTAS3D Character Artist

I recently discover my passion for sculpting but I was intimidated by the perceived complexity of this art form. M. Coudari’s method to simplify lines and planes gave me a solid base and the confidence to start experimenting with more complex pieces.

J. DIAZFinancial Data Analyst

My fiance and I are beginners in sculpting and we discovered the class of M. Coudari by internet. We are 100% satisfied with Philippe’s teaching. His method is simple and efficient yet challenging. M.Coudari is always ready to help the students and answer questions. The atmosphere is relax and laid back due to the teacher’s humor. The general principles of the art of sculpting are explained clearly which allows the student to go back home with the necessary tools to begin projects on their own. We recommend this course to anyone interested in sculpting.

A. and S. LabergeNurse and Sailor

Thank you very much for your generosity in your explanations, the notions of structure
and volumes to demystify sculpture in general and your very structured approach of cutting and carving to understand volumes. It was a great experience for me.

N. BELLIEREngineer

This course has been very rewarding and I recommend it to those who want to learn about sculpture. It allows not only to understand the essential notions of structure and plans but also to refine its sense of observation. You will not look at  sculptures the same way after this course!

A. Giai-MinietAnalyst