I want to thank you for an excellent workshop focused on approaching sculpture of the head as a geometric form.
While you used guides to mark off the head into planes there was a constant emphasis that we were developing a way of looking at any part of the body or even an abstract figure.
You demonstrated how planes reflected light and could be used to draw our attention to specific features even after
the planes were rendered less obvious. Your constant reminders that I used good tool technique were needed. I still need practice. I continue to remind myself that I should stand as if practicing Tai Chi, integrating body, tool and vision.

Thank you very much for your skill, patience and the lunches we shared on your rooftop garden.

J. HickmanRetired, Amateur sculptor, Virginia U.S.A

I loved the course with Philippe. I had no prior experience in drawing or sculpture. I took great pleasure in following Coudari’s method and was very happy with the result of my head!

M. ROYPress Agent

Phillippe is a talented man, passionate and full of good will. One is lucky to know him. He is committed to every student and goes well beyond the expectations of a teacher.
The success of each participant is not an objective for him, but a mission that he intends to fulfill. Not only will you gain knowledge of the world around you by understanding sculptural forms, but you will learn first and foremost to know yourself. For me, it was a turning point of great value.

D. GALIPEAUB. Sc. Medical Biologist

I participated in Philippe Coudari’s workshop focused on sculpting a head.
His method is very technical and for this reason students learn to build a solid foundation. This approach respects proportions and will carry over into the student’s future projects.
The studio is very large, clean and bright, this is important to me. Philippe is also a very sympathetic, patient person who transmits his knowledge well.
So I highly recommend this great class! I am looking forward to doing another workshop in the near future!

G. CORMIERDesigner

It was a very nice experience both serious and beneficial. The subject of sculpture is approached from end to end, from the cut, the plans, the very useful notions of anatomy and by a great explanation of the use of tools.
The place is very well equipped, surrounded by plenty of plants; it is a source of inspiration and calm for working on your project.
I recommended this course to people of all levels wishing to deepen and structure their creativity!

O. LUDGER-FRANÇOISProject Manager in IT

A little word to tell you that I loved this sculpture course that I have just done with you. Not only your teaching, but your attention to each participant, is remarkable. I have really enjoyed it.

I. DUSANTER-FOURTScientific research

This was a rewarding course, which enabled me to understand and see volumes, to forget old habits and to let myself be guided.
These three days have been full of valuable learning. My view of things will never be the same.
Philippe thank you for your patience and your humor! It was very pleasant!
I will always remember: firm yet relax.

N. VELLINDecorator

Mr. Coudari is a “master” in the manner he uses to explain this course. Knowing the art of visual form and color is not given to everyone. But the way he explains it, a simple form becomes a sculpture. Thank you for everything you taught me, it was very interesting and rewarding.

C. RicardCustomer service, amateur sculptor

Architecture and sculpture have in common structure, form, light and much more. Thank you to Philippe Coudari for this course which reminds me of the basis of our respective businesses. There is a moment of enormous joy that emerges when the face appears to us, much the same as when architecture reveals all its beauty, its potential , its best!

M. LeclairArchitect

I wanted to learn the direct carving technique and Coudari’s class gave me a solid foundation. I have deepened my understanding of volume, my sense of observation, symmetry and detail.
I went home with a new knowledge about how to dig into the material and have pleasure in giving it shape. Philippe is a generous and demanding teacher!
I would take the class again.
Thank you!

C. DupuisTeacher, amateur sculptor